Exhibitors at San Francisco Conference

Issue 7 and Volume 103.

Exhibitors at San Francisco Conference To date the following manufacturers of fire apparatus and appliances have been lined up for exhibits at the forthcoming I. A. F. C. conference at San Francisco, Cal., September 12 to 15. Motorola, Inc.; FIRE ENGINEERING; E & J Manufacturing Company; American Elkhart Company; The Gamewell Company; Mack-International Motor Truck Corp.; J. J. Lawton; Food Machinery Corporation; Mine Safety Appliances Company; M. Greenberg’s Sons; American District Telegraph Company: “American City Magazine”; Federal Enterprises, Inc.; The Sea-grave Corporation; J. H. Emerson Company; The Circul-Air Company; Radio Corporation of America; L. N. Curtis & Sons; Hale Fire Pump Company; Scott Aviation Corporation; American-Marsh Pumps; American-LA France Foamite Corporation; United Air Lines; Hall-Scott Motor Division; Western Fire Equipment Company; Akron Brass Manufacturing Company; Rensselaer Valve Company; Randolph Laboratories, Inc.; Quaker Rubber Corporation; V. H. Blackinton & Company; Victorlite Industries, Inc.; The Four Wheel Drive Auto Company; Rich Manufacturing…

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