Convention Dates

Issue 10 and Volume 103.

Convention Dates Oct. 16-18—NEBRASKA STATE VOLUNTEER FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual meeting, Omaha, Neb. Secretary-Treasurer, Russell D. Salak, Schuyler, Neb. Oct. 19-21—ILLINOIS FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Annual meeting, Alton, Ill. Secretary, Chief Roy W. Alsip, Fire Headquarters, Champaign, Ill. Oct. 26-27—CANADIAN FIRE CHIEFS CONFERENCE. University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont. For information contact William J. Scott, Provincial Fire Marshal. Toronto, Ont. Oct. 28-29—NATIONAL FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Second organizational meeting, Hotel William Penn, Pittsburgh, Pa. Secretary, Dale Hogg, 1431 Parkview Road, Lyndhurst 24, Ohio.

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