Fire Chief Plays the Good Samaritan

Issue 10 and Volume 103.

Fire Chief Plays the Good Samaritan In Lewiston, Maine, there’s a pretty happy youngster—two of them in fact. One is Irene Emond, aged 4, and the other her little brother. Father and Mother Emond also are very happy. All because of “a combination devoutly to be desired” as Shakespeare hath it. The “combination” consists of Fire Chief Z. F. Drouin of the Lewiston Fire Department and the Lewiston Elks Club, who got together to bring happiness to little Irene and her brother. It seems that during one of Chief Drouin’s inspections with his departmental inspector, Al Landry, he came across Irene at the home of her parents. He noticed that the youngster had an unsightly burn scar on her neck and chin. Upon inquiry, the Chief learned that last April little Irene found a cigarette lighter which, when she played with it, lighted and set fire to a kerchief she…

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