Civil Defense Stressed at I.A.F.C. Conference

Issue 10 and Volume 103.

Civil Defense Stressed at I.A.F.C. Conference Attendance Near Record; Outstanding Display of Exhibits; Grand Rapids Selected for 1951 Meeting WITH a registration of 1,870, the San Francisco Conference of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, held on September 12-15 fell but a little over 100 short of the record-breaking meeting in New York in 1947, when 2,027 members and guests were registered. The registration at the Miami Conference in 1948 was 1,380, while that at the New Orleans Conference in 1949 was 1,290. The attendance at the San Francisco Conference was well above the anticipated figure, which imposed quite a serious burden on the various committees who had arranged for entertainment of the guests. For example, it was necessary to run a second sight-seeing cruise around the harbor to take care of those who could not be accommodated on the first trip. Likewise some of the late registrants were disappointed…

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