New York’s Training Program

Issue 11 and Volume 103.

New York’s Training Program The Bureau of Fire Mobilization and Control of the Division of Safety, New York, has reported on its state fire training program. During the year covered by the report, the following firemen were trained: Basic Course, 12,404; Intermediate Course, 4,543; Advanced Course, 1,529. The Fire Training Program covers both the theory and practical phases of firemanship and the approximately 100 County Fire Instructors follow a detailed outline of instruction in the form of lesson plans which are based on the most progressive instructional practices available. The Division conducts an annual County Fire Instructors Conference for the purpose of providing current technical information and new instructional techniques. Nationally recognized experts in firemanship serve as discussion leaders at these conferences. In addition, there are regional conferences held for the County Fire Instructors. The Training Program, which is linked with statewide mutual aid plans, was inaugurated over a year…

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