Dallas 5-Alarm Lumber Fire

Issue 11 and Volume 103.

Dallas 5-Alarm Lumber Fire The first 5-alarm fire to strike Dallas, Tex., since January 10, 1947 (incidentally, that occurred also in a lumberyard), gave the city’s fire fighters under Fire Chief C. N. Penn plenty of action and some anxious moments as radiated heat threatened nearby occupancies. The spectacular fire, which was clocked at 3:30 A.M., fed on stocks of seasoned pine lumber in three lumber sheds of the Davis-Johnson Lumber Company, 2005 South Beckley Ave., and involved also the office and five big trucks of the concern. The large yard was packed with stock and the owners report the entire plant had recently been remodeled. The loss was set at approximately $100,000. Intense heat hampered the work of the fire fighters, responding on five alarms. Paint on homes in the residential neighborhood was blistered. Panes of glass in nearby houses cracked from the heat. The fire was confined, however,…

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