Five Dead in Cincinnati Blast and 3-Alarm Fire*

Issue 2 and Volume 104.

Five Dead in Cincinnati Blast and 3-Alarm Fire* Five persons died and fifteen were injured, many seriously, when an explosion of unknown origin, followed by fire, destroyed the American Waterproofing Corp., plant at 3200 Beekman St., Cincinnati, Ohio. The company processes cloth with waterproofing and fire resistant chemicals. Paraffin and naphthalene are used in the process for the base coating. The plant contained large quantities of both flammables stored above and below ground. The structure, which was approximately 100 feet wide and 150 feet deep, was of two stories, one being below ground level. The tracks of the B. & O. Railroad pass in the rear of the plant. There were many rolls of material, to be waterproofed, stored on the several levels of the structure and some was in process of being impregnated when the explosion occurred. What caused the blast will probably never be learned, but it was…

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