V. A. Hospital at Walla Walla Stages Evacuation Drill

Issue 2 and Volume 104.

V. A. Hospital at Walla Walla Stages Evacuation Drill Every year the huge Veteran’s Administration Hospital at Walla Walla, Wash., gets behind the Fire Prevention Week drive with spirit, in which the Hospital Fire Department, Frank Maddux, Chief, gets the aid of the institution’s staff and its patients. This year’s observances were highlighted by a special evacuation drill which served both to impress the staff and patients with the wisdom of preventing fire, and the procedure to be followed, should it strike. Fire Chief Maddux and the Ward Surgeon of Ward 8 supervised the training related to the extinguishment of the supposed fire, and evacuation of patients, which took about thirty-five minutes. The drill itself was directed by the Charge Nurse with two attendants participating. Organized classification included: Simulating fire and turning in alarm. Removing patients from danger area. Isolating fire and closing off ventilation. Fighting fire by best means…

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