Four Die in Minneapolis 4-Alarm Hotel Fire

Issue 2 and Volume 104.

Four Die in Minneapolis 4-Alarm Hotel Fire Four persons were killed and six injured on November 26 when fire raced through the four-story Tower Hotel, 229 Cedar avenue, at Seven Corners, Minneapolis, Minn. Firemen, responding on four alarms, led or carried 20 men, women and children down ladders to safety. Others of the 75 guests in the structure at the time found their own way to safety through smoke filled halls. The dead were all trapped on the top floor. Firemen, including 50 off-duty men called in, fought the smoky fire in 27-degree weather, their efforts being hampered by strong northerly winds. Origin of the blaze was not determined. Major damage to the hotel was on the third and fourth floors, but it was believed the fire originated below that point, possibly on the main floor, occupied by business concerns, and swept up an air shaft to mushroom and trap…

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