Propane Gas Blast Imperils Springfield, Vt., Apparatus

Issue 2 and Volume 104.

Propane Gas Blast Imperils Springfield, Vt., Apparatus The Springfield, Vt., plant of the Vermont Lighting Corp. is in process of completing a changeover to propane gas from carbureted gas. The task of readjusting burners in homes and industrial locations to accommodate this type of gas is being done by the American Gas Conversion Co., Inc., specialists in this work. About one hour after a workman had adjusted the gas pilot which controls the degree of flame in the blower type oil burner in the Municipal Building, which also contains the fire department apparatus room in the basement, there was an explosion. The time was 6:10 p.m.; the date, January 7. The blast occurred in the fire box of the boiler, blowing out the boiler room’s fireproof door and casing, which landed on a fire truck parked several feet away. The boiler room window casing and frame also was blown off…

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