Issue 2 and Volume 104.

FALSE ALARMS First Fireman: “You don’t look so good, old man. What’s the trouble?” Second Fireman: “I got domestic trouble.” First Fireman: “But, Harry, you always said your wife was a pearl.” Second Fireman: “Yeah, that she is. It’s the mother-of-pearl that makes the trouble.” Ambitions Three small boys were sitting on the curb. One was playing with an airplane, one was playing with a fire engine and one was reading Esquire. A kindly old gentleman approached and asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up. The first replied that he wanted to pilot a B-29. The second wanted to be a fireman. The third, looking up from his magazine, replied, “Aw, it isn’t important, I just want to grow up.” Laid Out At six o’clock she laid out his dinner suit, at seven she laid out his evening clothes, at eleven she laid out his pajamas,…

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