Eight Lives Lost in Chicago Apartment Fire

Issue 2 and Volume 104.

Eight Lives Lost in Chicago Apartment Fire Eight persons, all negroes, were known dead in a fire that roared through one of Chicago’s south side, 4-story apartments, on Dec. 9 last. At one time it was feared the toll of victims might exceed that of the streetcar-gasoline truck crash of last spring. At least 300 persons were said to be crowded together in the combustible old store front apartment building, with its interior broken up into oneand two-room suites, many of them without baths. Firemen, responding on a 5-11 alarm, fought the fire for three hours before fully controlling it. In the operations it was necessary to wet down adjacent buildings to prevent the blaze, whipped by a strong east wind, from spreading. Despite their efforts, first firemen on the scene were able to rescue only four persons from the structure. The fast spread of the flames forced them out…

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