Problems Involved in Fighting Large Area Conflagrations

Issue 3 and Volume 104.

Problems Involved in Fighting Large Area Conflagrations A German Correspondent Relates his Observations Based Upon His Country’s Wartime Experiences Editor’s Note: Some time ago FIRE ENCINKKRING received a manuscript from its correspondent in Germany, Kurz Lenz of Hannover, which offered such an interesting viewpoint on the subject of large scale fire and in particular the manifestations of the ‘fire storm,’ that it was considered worthy of reproduction. Not all American fire protection engineers who visited Europe and Japan with the U. S. Strategic Bombing Survey at the close of World War II may agree with the premises and observations which Herr Lenz sets forth herein. The majority, however, will agTee that his thoughts merit consideration and study and it is to this end that they are included in this issue. In the opinion of many students of large scale fire fighting, notwithstanding the information extant on the subject of “fire…

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