Burning Characteristics of Building Materials

Issue 4 and Volume 104.

Burning Characteristics of Building Materials Underwriters Laboratories Develop Scientific Approach to the Determination of Burning Characteristics of Wood and Other Materials Editor’s Note: One of the highlights of the 23rd Annual Fire Department Instructors Conference held in Memphis, January 11, last, was a paper delivered by Mr. A. J. Steiner, Engineer, Protection Department, Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc., Chicago, Ill. Mr. Steiner took for his topic the work being done by the U.L. to develop standards for measuring the speed of burning of wood and other materials, and the degree of smoke and toxic properties given off in the products of combustion. The editors of Fire Engineering are pleased to publish excerpts from Mr. Steiner’s able paper together with photographs of the testing furnace in operation at the U.L. Grateful acknowledgement for permission to publish this message are extended to Mr. Richard Vernor, Chairman, Fire Department Instructors Conference, to the Underwriter’s Laboratories,…

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