With Our Readers

Issue 4 and Volume 104.

With Our Readers Investigations Show Sprinklers Were Shut Off To the Editor: Concerning your article “Sprinkler Failure and Delay in Alarm Contribute to Costly Fire,” in the February issue of “Fire Engineering,” we give you below the following report which we have just received from a group of Insurance Carriers who are interested in the Florence Stove Co. risk of Kankakee, Ill. It is their opinion that “if the sprinklers had been in service at the start of the fire on January 1, 1951, that the blaze would have been extinguished by the operation of a few heads.” They also remark that your story reflects in several places the type of preliminary information given out soon after a fire. Their engineers spent many days and nights at the property and developed different information. It now appears that the fire when first discovered by the watchman was at and in the…

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