Questions and Answers

Issue 5 and Volume 104.

Questions and Answers Relief Valve on Foam Extinguishers To the Editor: What is the exact purpose of the perforation in the knob on the cap of the majority of the 2 1/2-gallon foam type extinguishers as compared to the caps on some of them which have no knob but do have a hole on the rim of the cap which ordinarily would be in the center of the male threads of the extinguishers? And would not this latter condition be offset by the fact that with a proper gasket, no connection could exist between a sudden increase in the inside pressure of the extinguisher and the outside air; or, rather, would not the hose burst or the obstruction be expelled? If the purpose of the above mentioned perforation in the knob of the foam extinguisher is as a “bypass” valve or warning that the hose or nozzle of the extinguisher…

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