Issue 5 and Volume 104.

FALSE ALARMS No Consideration They were holding an all-night party in a hotel room. As the party progressed, so did the sound of revelry. Finally, at 3 a.m., a weary guest in the adjoining room started to pound on the wall. “Well, I must say,” shouted one of the merrymakers indignantly, “this is a hell of a time to be hanging pictures!” No Complaint Down in the Missouri Ozarks, old Ma Bess came to town one day and, hitching Dobbin to a rack, meandered up to the Dry Goods Emporium. Young Sol, fresh from the City, was helping the Old Man. So he approached Ma Hess in the best “big town technique.” “What can I do for you, madam?” “Ah’d like to git a pair of drawers—” “Oh yes, ma’m, we have a nice assortment of undies. Do you want long ones, or the short pattern?” “Hit don’t make no…

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