I.A.F.C. Campaign Aimed at Saving Children’s Lives

Issue 5 and Volume 104.

I.A.F.C. Campaign Aimed at Saving Children’s Lives PROBABLY the most tragic angle of the huge annual loss of life by fire, totalling over 10,000, is the high percentage of young children included in the staggering total. With the express purpose of bringing the facts forcibly before the public and inaugurating measures which, it is hoped, will show a marked reduction of such fatalities, the International Association of Fire Chiefs, under the leadership of Chief Jay W. Stevens, Executive Secretary, has embarked on a program of saving the lives of youngsters from fire. A survey shows that among the leading causes of juvenile deaths from fire are playing with matches, bonfires, residential fires and the leaving of the youngsters alone at home. Last month’s editorial in FIRE ENGINEERING, “Left Alone with Death,” which stressed the campaign to save the lives of children from fire being waged by the I. A. F.…

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