Issue 6 and Volume 104.

FALSE ALARMS Yarn “I am a representative of the Itchy Wool Company, madam. Would you be interested in some coarse yarns?” “Indeed, yes. Come right in and tell me a couple.” Don’t Sleep It was the morning after, and the irate wife was giving her suffering husband no peace. “If you hadn’t drunk so much last night, you wouldn’t feel so horrible this morning,” she said. “Drink had nothing to do with it,” he moaned. “I went to bed feeling wonderful, and woke up feeling awful. It was the sleep that did it.” Angry Motorist: “Say, this car you sold me can’t climb a hill! You swore up and down it was a good car.” Salesman: “I didn’t swear up and down. I said on the level it was a good car.” Taking No Chance An officer of ancient Rome, called away to the wars, locked his beautiful wife in…

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