Juvenile Fire-Setter Caught

Issue 6 and Volume 104.

Juvenile Fire-Setter Caught “I know what you want me for,” said a 12-year-old Norwalk, Conn., girl recently when Police Lieut. Edward Rooney walked into her home. “Why?” rejoined the officer of the law. “Because I set fire to that store last summer.” And within a few minutes police and fire officials in that Connecticut city had the answer to a puzzle they had been investigating more than 10 months: Who started a fire on June 18, 1950. that caused more than $15,000 damage? The “break” came in this manner: Lieut. Rooney had been questioning children in the neighborhood concerning a false alarm of fire, when the girl burst out with her confession. The fire, which State and Norwalk police had put down from the first as of incendiary origin, damaged both the Sears-Roebuck and Norwood Shoe Company stores, located on Wall Street. Insurance companies paid $11,450 for damages to the…

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