Among the Buffs

Issue 6 and Volume 104.

Among the Buffs Chicago, Ill—Next to a good smoky basement job, there’s nothing a good fire buff likes more than to swap lies with fellow sparks, fans, redhots, or whatever they are called in their own still alarm bailiwick. I guess I outlied all my fellow fire fans here in Chicago, so I’m leading out a few lengths of column space to spread the gospel among bellringers ’round the country. This editorial watch desk is wondering how come you got involved in this compulsion we call a hobby. Me? Pappy Ditzel took me to a couple of lumber yard blazes in Buffalo when I was only a little shaver. From there we siamesed. He now goes to fourth alarms only. I take in the second alarms on up. Buffing probably became an accepted outdoor sport during the past war (World War II in case you’ve lost track). Remember when your…

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