Issue 7 and Volume 104.

FALSE ALARMS Historical Fact A stork is a bird with many things charged against it which should be blamed on a lark. Whatever trouble Adam had, No man in days of yore Could say when Adam cracked a joke, “I’ve heard that one before.” Evidence A contractor had been called in to testify at the trial of an alleged drunken driver, who had driven his car through the barricade and into a sewer excavation. Lawyer: “Then you say that this man was d,runk?” Contractor: “No, I do not. I simply said that before the accident, he sat in his car in front of the excavation thirty minutes…waiting for the lights to turn green!” Obliging Mrs. Sam Lapidus picked three o’clock in the morning of a freezing January day to wake her long-suffering spouse and complain, “Sam, you never make love to me the way you did when we were married…

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