Short Cuts Gadgets

Issue 7 and Volume 104.

Short Cuts Gadgets PUBLICIZE FIRE PREVENTION There’s much talk about making fire prevention “week” a year-round effort. Not many average department can hope to do this, at least in terms of extensive, sustained campaigns. However, there are certain simple, inexpensive promotional activities that can be maintained around the calendar. One of these is to use the envelopes containing routine correspondence, statements, etc., to taxpayers, and others sent out by the local community as “miniature billboards” for fire prevention and fire protection messages. Numerous slogans such as “HELP PREVENT FIRES” —“DON’T LET FIRE CLAIM YOUR CHILDREN,” and the like, can be printed or rubber stamped on the envelopes, or simple printed stickers similar to the Christmas seals and the like, bearing the slogans can be placed on the containers. This may sound like old stuff, but it’s surprising how few fire departments make use of this easy effective form of promotion.…

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