Questions and Answers

Issue 11 and Volume 104.

Questions and Answers Pipe Sizes for Pumps Supplying Tank To the Editor: At the present time we have a centrifugal pump with an approximate capacity of 300 gallons per minute and an old type piston pump with a capacity of approximately 150 gallons per minute, supplying the standpipe as per drawing. We wish to replace the old piston pump with a new 500 G.P.M. centrifugal pump which would give us approximately 800 G.P.M. at rating. For both pumps, would the 8inch standpipe going up to tank be large enough or would you recommend a second line for new pump to run up to tank? If so, what size? If 8-inch line is satisfactory, would the old 51/2-inch pipe now on old pump be large enough for the new 500 G.P.M., or do you recommend that this also be increased to 8-inch. If both pumps are used together, no doubt check…

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