Firemen Help Kindle Spirit of Christmas

Issue 12 and Volume 104.

Firemen Help Kindle Spirit of Christmas Firemen have long played prominent parts in helping plant and nourish the seeds of Christmas. The very drama of their calling, their popularity with the children of the nation, and their general willingness to cooperate in all worthy local endeavors “for the good of the many” have linked them with the promotion of Yuletide holidays. At the same time, many fire departments have been quick to take advantage of the opportunity such promotion affords them for tieing in fire prevention. Thus the Christmas Season offers the progressive fire department a double opportunity: to help the community—and itself. Fire Engineering has in the past described and illustrated many examples of this Christmas cooperative promotion. These range all the way from setting up Yule trees; decorating the streets, making and repairing Christmas toys, to staging shows for youngsters, entertaining the sick and crippled and originating elaborate…

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