Issue 12 and Volume 104.

The WATCH DESK Overhauling the firemanic news of the day Why Firemen Go Nutty! The fire fighteys of Willamina, Ore., and State Forest Service, are searching about for another category for mancaused fires, following a recent experience. Reading behind the official report of what otherwise might be called a youtine woods fire, it is disclosed that two men saw a ground squiryel scoot across a yard, and into a hole. Nothing loath, and with an eye to squirrel pie, or a fur piece for the little woman, the said two males hustled over to the hole, and stuffed some good old dried grass therein and ignited it. Uh huh—youguessedit! The wind whipped the burning grass into a field, which in turn took off, the fire eventually spreading to the timbey. Result—two fire rigs from Willamina, one from Bell, and a forest service crew spent some three hours battling the blaze…

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