British Report on Fire Research

Issue 12 and Volume 104.

British Report on Fire Research “Fire Research 1950,” the recently published annual report of the British Joint Fire Research Organization, describes investigations into fire hazards in homes, industrial buildings and warehouses, and reports on improved methods of overcoming these hazards. It records that of the 72,000 calls answered by British Fire Brigades every year, 42,000 are in buildings. Smoking causes more than 4,000 fires in buildings, and children playing with matches start more than 2,000. Fires in fire places are responsible for over 7,000 annually— the chief cause of house fires. Recent investigations, according to the report, show that some of the new kinds of light building construction can be made as safe as traditional forms whose standards have been established through years of experience. Many tests have been made on protective treatments for combustible wall surfaces, and a formula has been developed giving the fire endurance of any common…

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