Issue 12 and Volume 104.

QUESTIONS and ANSWERS Wherein are answered questions relating to current problems in Fire Protecbon. Controlling Fires in Unslaked Lime To the Editor: What is the proper method of fighting a fire in a storage lime house with unslaked lime? C. P. S. Answer: Many factors enter into the problem of controlling a fire involving a warehouse filled with unslaked lime. In the first place, what is the construction of the warehouse? Is it built of combustible materials? Then the stage of the fire, or its extent, must be known before fire fighting procedure can be indicated. If the fire is in its early stages, and if the part which is afire can be reached with fog streams, fog would be the most effective agent. It extinguishes the fire without too much excess water and thus prevents slaking of much of the lime. A fairly fine fog under good pressure is…

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