Fire Force Steals Show in Providence C.D. Demonstration

Issue 12 and Volume 104.

Fire Force Steals Show in Providence C.D. Demonstration A simulated atom bomb attack Nov. 4, last, on Providence gave fire forces of Rhode Island and neighboring States their first opportunity for a big scale mobilization for fire defense. As has been the case in other like Civil Defense exercises, the fire fighters stole the show. The major premise of the test was that an atom bomb had exploded above Hoyle Square, Providence, devastating an area a mile in diameter causing many casualties, and starting a great fire which had to be contained. Later, incendiary and H. E. bombs were supposed to have been dropped and fires started in Warwick and East Providence. Burning buildings, a tremendous wall of water thrown up by possibly the largest force of massed fire pumpers ever gathered in New England, and other details of the “incident” were carefully staged. Upon air raid warning, fire apparatus…

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