With the Editor

Issue 1 and Volume 105.

With the Editor When Water Fails On December 18th, last, a break in a forty-two-inch water main cut off all domestic water and all water for fire fighting in Bayonne, N. J., a city of 80,000 people, including many industries, large oil refineries and oil storage farms. For seven hours, the city was pretty much at the mercy of fire. Providentially, during this period, not a single tap of the bell was sounded in the city’s fire stations, where officers and men awaited with apprehension of being called to any such emergency. This incident is recounted here because it seems to us to point up the wisdom of pre-planning for such potentially disastrous contingencies. With the coming of colder weather, possibility of breaks in water supply mains increases. Regrettably enough, these breaks occur all too often at the most inopportune time, when the results are likely to be catastrophic. Nor…

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