Issue 1 and Volume 105.

A VOLUNTEER FIREMAN REVIEWS MEDITERRANEAN FIRE BRIGADES Finds Room for Improvement in Apparatus and Methods; Lack of Water a big Handicap A GREEN stringbean of a sailor on the aircraft carrier Oriskany this fall was offered a job equal to fire chief in Izmir, second largest city of Turkey. He was watching Turkish firemen extinguish a blaze that gutted the third story of a commercial building in downtown Izmir. Two men died at the fire. The sailor said a few words to the Fire Chief who was watching the operation on the street below. The words were: “You fellows going in?” The Chief answered, half-sarcastically, “In there? Do you think we’re crazy— wait a minute, is that what you do in the United States?” Andrew R. Alaways, 23-year-old seaman in the United States Navy, replied simply, “Yes.” “Let’s talk about it,” said the Chief. Fire Chief Ibraham Gunay invited Alaways…

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