Industrial Fire Fighting

Issue 2 and Volume 105.

Industrial Fire Fighting EDITOR’S NOTE—The growing importance of the nation’s industrial effort in building for defense, and to meet the expanding needs of the nation’s economy, has focussed attention on the importance of protecting our production, and our economy from destructive fire. This, in turn, emphasizes the importance of improving our existing industrial fire protection, and setting up new effort and facilities where, as is so regrettably the case, this protection is lacking. In this connection, one of the greatest needs has been authentic, informative texts that can be used by industrial fire protection and safety engineers in setting up adequate fire fighting and fire control programs and systems, and in teaching industrial workers in the fundametals of fire fighting. The quest for such information led the editors of Fire Engineering into many fields and many industries, and to many authorities on the subject. Ultimately that search narrowed to Mr.…

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