Persons in the News

Issue 3 and Volume 105.

Persons in the News Hink Heads Fire Fighting in Philadelphia George Edward Hink was appointed Deputy Commissioner for Fire Fighting in the City of Philadelphia, Pa., by Fire Commissioner McNamee of that city, on February 26th, last. The post is equivalent to fire chief and places the new deputy commissioner in command of all fire forces and operations. The new incumbent is a “fireman’s fireman.” At the time of his appointment, he was in command of the 6th Division of . the Bureau of Fire, located at Engine 25, Hagert and Jasper streets. Hink was made a fireman 31 years ago. He became lieutenant in 1927 and in 1931 was promoted to captain. In 1940 he was advanced to battalion chief and two years later was named acting deputy chief. The new head of fire fighting will take over many of the duties of Chief Engineer John C. Cost, who…

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