Issue 3 and Volume 105.

QUESTIONS and ANSWERS Wherein are answered quetion relating to current pooblems in Fire protection Discharge from Fog Nozzle To the Editor: In “Fire Service Hydraulics,” on Page 148, there is a problem relative to fog nozzles. It states that a 1 1/2-inch fog nozzle at the end of 1,000 feet of 2 1/2-inch hose will throw 68.3 gallons per minute at a nozzle pressure of 104 pounds and an engine pressure of 125 pounds. Our department has an Elkhart fog nozzle (periphery). A discussion arose, one side claiming that the nozzle will throw more water on full fog than on solid stream. The orifice on this nozzle is larger on fog than on straight stream. Some of the men claim that the figures in “Fire Service Hydraulics” do not apply to this nozzle. Could you give us some information on the problem? G. F. B. Answer: The Elkhart Mystery Nozzle…

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