Some Observations on the Modern Fire Prevention Bureau

Issue 3 and Volume 105.

Some Observations on the Modern Fire Prevention Bureau Prominent Fire Chiefs Speak Out on the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Fire Prevention A SYMPOSIUM RUDYARD KIPLING once wrote a Couplet which read: “I have six honest serving men; they taught me all I knew; Their names are What and Why, and When and How and Where and Who.” That covers the questions about fire prevention bureaus that have been coming to this Journal in ever-increasing numbers Who heads them up and staffs them? What are their functions? When can they be most valuable to a fire department? How are they administered? Where does their work begin and end? Although the fire prevention bureau is nothing new to the fire service, these inquiries indicate that there is some uncertainty and confusion over the place of the fire prevention agency in the modern municipal fire department and its functions.…

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