Issue 3 and Volume 105.

“I READ UP EVERYTHING . .” “When I want to discover something, I begin by reading up everything that has been done along that lime in the past. I see what has been accomplished at great labor and expense in the past. I gather the data of many thousands of experiments as a starting point, and then I make many thousands more.” Thomas A. Edison. The fire service, like the public, owes a debt of gratitude to Edison. His inventions are still reflected in the lights and batteries without which the modern motorised fire department would be hamstrung. In his insatiable quest for information, Edison was an avid reader of engineering and professional journals. In their pages he found both the records of achievements, and the forecasts of future accomplishments. The fire service has its Edisons who subscribe to, read, and refer to FIRE ENGINEERING year-after-year to know what’s happening—and…

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