Many Homeless in Matsuzaka Fire

Issue 4 and Volume 105.

Many Homeless in Matsuzaka Fire Over 5,000 persons were made homeless when 800 homes and other establishments burned in the worst fire in 58 years in Matsuzaka, Japan, on Dec. 16, 1951, according to reports from Toshinga Kawato, Chief of Secretariate, Tokyo Metropolitan Fire Department, Tokyo, Japan. According to Principal Harukiclii Xagai of the grammar school where the fire originated, the cause was suspected to be “cigarette butts carelessly left by one of the lovers who usually use the auditorium at night.” The business and amusement sections in the southern part of the city were reduced to ashes. Lasualties fortunately were few, only about a dozen injured. The city has a population of 53,000 and includes 11,000 houses. The fire started in the Minato-cho No. 2 Elementary School at 10:40 I’M. on Sunday. Dec. 16, and spread rapidly to the main section of the town, fanned by a 20-mile wind.…

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