New Developments in Methods Of Summoning Volunteers

Issue 6 and Volume 105.

New Developments in Methods Of Summoning Volunteers NO one seriously questions the importance of adequate communications in the control and extinguishment of fires. The ablest firemen with the best equipment and an ocean of water at their disposal can’t do a thing about extinguishing a fire until they are summoned. And the more quickly they are called and get on the job, the better for them and the worse for the fire. This simple truth alone should be sufficient to inspire those responsible for controlling destructive fire to devote to communication facilities the same thought, time, trouble and money that they give other essentials of the Fire Service. Unfortunately, however, all the evidence indicates this is not being done —particularly it is not being done in the field of the volunteer fire fighters, where the problem of communications presents complexities not found elsewhere in the Fire Service. It is not…

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