Industrial Fire Fighting

Issue 7 and Volume 105.

Industrial Fire Fighting Part 6 of a Series VII. Fire Hydrants Just a few words about hydrants. As we all know, the water mains are laid deep in the ground, below the frost line, so that the water will not freeze. Likewise, the valve in the hydrant is below the frost line. But if a hydrant is used, the fire extinguished, and the hydrant shut off, water will remain in the hydrant body above the valve, where it may freeze. To prevent this from happening, a drain hole is provided in the bottom of the hydrant so the water can drain out into the ground. A valve controls this drain. When opening a hydrant look for a raised arrow and the word “OPEN” cast on the bonnet near the stem. Industrial hydrants usually open by turning the spindle counterclockwise like a valve. Municipal hydrants, on the other hand, usually operate…

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