What’s Burning

Issue 7 and Volume 105.

What’s Burning THE following list includes fires of $10,000 loss and over in the United States and Canada for the month of June, 1952. Month Ending June 30, 1952 Hartford, Ala.—Planing mill and whse. at Toole Lumber Co. destroyed. Flash fire. Phoenix, Ariz.—Phoenix Livestock Auction destroyed. Holbrook, Ariz.—Babbtis Bros. whse. destroyed. Spontaneous ignition. Calico Rock, Ark.—Princess Theatre destroyed. Adj. cafe damaged. Murray, Cal.—Repair shop, car storage garage and 15 motor vehicles at Kettleman Hills com- Winston-Salem. N. C.—Dunn’s Laundry destroyed. pressor station of Pacific Gas & Electric Co., destroyed. Rio Vista, Cal.—Grain elevator of Islands Elevator Co. on Ryer Island destroyed. Light bulb dropped during fumigation. San Diego, Cal.—B-36 superbomber at Consolidated Vuitee yard destroyed. San Francisco, Cal.—Freighter Jeff Davis of Waterman Line, Pier 50, damaged. San Francisco, Cal.—Giario Bros. Furniture Co. damaged. San Francisco, Cal.—Maye’s Oyster House damaged. Tracy, Cal.—W. & P. Surplus Sales Co. bldg., a mile east,…

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