Fire Service Ladders and Their Use—Part XXVI

Issue 7 and Volume 105.

Fire Service Ladders and Their Use—Part XXVI Ladder Evolutions: Extending Ladder Reach Editor’s Note: The author gratefully acknowledges the cooperation of the Committee on Firemen’s Training, Fire Department Instructors Conference, Richard E. Vernor, Chairman, for much of the material upon which this Chapter is based. The photographs shown in the Figures were taken by H. F. Rothery of the District of Columbia Fire Department. FIREMEN are confronted with many emergencies in the course of their operations of saving life and property. No situation, however, is more critical, or more disturbing to fire fighters themselves, than to face the urgent need of rescue of persons trapped in a burning building and to be caught without ladders of sufficient length. Under such conditions, time may be of the essence. It may be impossible to await the arrival of additional apparatus carrying the desired ladder equipment. Or there may not be time to…

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