Fire Stream Cools Ardor of Yale Men

Issue 7 and Volume 105.

Fire Stream Cools Ardor of Yale Men A Spring gambol, that took on the proportions of a riot, by close to 1,000 Vale students blocked the downtown streets of New Haven, Conn., on May 13 until judicious use of fire hose cooled the students and sent them back to the campus well drenched. The spark that touched off the disturbance was a fight between the drivers of two ice cream trucks, vying for a good selling spot near the Yale campus. The two-and-one-half stream of water which firemen directed on the crowd was impartial in its spraying, and among those who came in for a dousing, besides students, were Police Chief Howard O. Young, and Police Commissioner Daniel J. Adley. The riot has its serious aspects, too. Four students were arrested, two sent to the Yale infirmary with concussions which resulted from blows on the head, and six others were…

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