Mile Relay in Town Without Blocking Streets

Issue 8 and Volume 105.

Mile Relay in Town Without Blocking Streets Civil defense planning has given impetus to multiple company operations, with emphasis on relaying. Some time ago in Montclair, N.J., one of the more attractive of New York’s metropolitan suburbs, civil defense officials and the Montclair Fire Department, directed by Fire Chief Arthur W. Bilby, staged a “trial run” relay operation with the objective of instructing auxiliary firemen, and giving the ‘regulars’ a sort of refresher course, and at the same time testing out the department’s facilities under actual operating conditions. The plan, which was developed by Chief Bilby, Superintendent Theodore MacLachlan, Deputy Chiefs Frasca and Crick, and Assistant Chief Ferrara, with C. D. Director Wm. E. McBratney, contemplated pumping water for approximately one mile, using three pumpers and single lines. After checking such details as available spare hose, and pumpers, it was decided to use three of the department’s regular pumping units,…

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