Issue 9 and Volume 105.

FALSE ALARMS Civilized A party of explorers making their way through darkest Africa came upon a group of cannibals about to feast on their late enemy. The cannibal chief came forward to geet the exporers in perfect English. When they showed surprise at his command of the language, he explained that he had been educated at Yale. “What!” exclaimed the explorers. “You’ve been to Yale, and yet you return to feed on human flesh. It’s almost unbelievable. “Well,” replied the chief modestly, “Now I use a knife and fork.” Early to bed, Early to rise, ‘Til you make enough cash To do otherwise. Every morning the wives of two next door neighbors would meet in the rear yard for a little session of back-fence gossip. “My goodness,” saiil one, “I’m so excited! Harry is going in for anthropology. I always knew he would indulge in something worthwhile.” “How did you…

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