Among the Buffs

Issue 10 and Volume 105.

Among the Buffs HERE are the ingredients for a severe case of Fire Buff Frustration: Take one good-sized lumber yard with the main shed involved in a small-sized fire. Add one fire buff happening on the scene. The fire buff discovers the fire on the early morning hours. He looks for a fire alarm box. None within miles. He looks for a telephone. None available at that time of night. Mix them all together and you have a lumber yard fully involved in fire, as the fire buff helplessly watches. That’s what happened to me since our last get-together in these columns. The assistant chief and I were on our way home after visiting her mother. Driving through the heavily industrialized area of East Los Angeles, we happened on to a fire in one of the huge lumber yards. Other lumber yards served as exposures. The fire, when we discovered…

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