Issue 10 and Volume 105.

COMMITTEE STUDYING PLANS FOR TESTING AERIAL LADDERS Joint Croup Representing I.A.F.C., N.F.P.A. and N. B. F. U. Formulating Test Procedures Editor’s Note: Last month’s issue of FIRE ENGINEERING saw the completion of the series of Chapters on “Fire Service Ladders” which began with the May, 1950, number. These installments, we like to believe, constitute a complete treatise on the entire subject of such ladders, including the details of construction, use, preventive maintenance and testing. Notwithstanding the completion of the Series, the editors of this Journal intend to continue to publish pertinent information bearing upon this subject, as it is received. There are changes taking place in nearly every phase of laddering and it is our intention to keep our readers posted and up-to-date on developments. As an example, take the subject of testing of aerial ladders. Although there has been little if any change in the procedures for testing wall,…

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