Dramatic Rescues in Philadelphia Fire

Issue 10 and Volume 105.

Dramatic Rescues in Philadelphia Fire On the morning of September 17th, shortly after 9:00 A.M., the Philadelphia, Pa., Fire Department was confronted by a disastrous flash fire which, for a few frenzied minutes, challenged the resources of mid-city fire fighters. The fire, in an electric motor winding shop on the N.W. corner of Broad and Parrish Streets, occurred when a 100 gallon dip-tank, laden with varnish and solvents, was accidently tipped over. Fumes from the spilled liquid spread rapidly and in a matter of seconds had reached the open flames of nearby baking ovens. Almost immediately the entire 2 story building was involved in flames. So rapid was the spread of fire that 15 employees, who worked on the second floor, were unable to escape. The first alarm was sounded by Dr. Saverio Brunetti, Chief Fire and Police Surgeon, who happened to be passing by in his official car. After…

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