With Our Readers

Issue 10 and Volume 105.

With Our Readers The Hae-unde Ammunition Fire To the Editor: I recently had the pleasure of reading your July issue of FIRE ENGINEERING and was interested in your writeup on the Hae-unde Ammunition Fire that took place on 16 June, 1952, (page 524 World Wide Fire News). My purpose in writing this letter is to familiarize you with the details that were apparently lacking at the time the article was written. First of all, the fire broke out at 1107, 16 June 1952, and we responded from Pusan (about 12 miles from Hae-unde) with 3 fire trucks. My arrival on the scene was at 1127. I found a series of explosions taking place in what we called the main blast area. It is true that shrapnel was flying several thousand feet, as were live shells, incendiary fragments and other debris. The immediate problem was how to stop the fire from…

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