Issue 11 and Volume 105.

Viewpoints THE national presidential election is over. A lot of people found their viewpoints didn’t quite coincide with those of their fellowman. Judging an engineering publication, especially one devoted to the big business of fire protection and prevention, is a bit like judging a candidate for office. There may be differences of viewpoint and opinion on questions of policy and publication. Fortunately for FIRE ENGINEERING, however—if we are to judge by what its readers and advertisers—and other competent authorities say about it, the differences in opinion and viewpoint are so fine as to he almost negligible. This unanimity of acceptance of its publishing policies, programs and principles, has endured for three-quarters of a century. In its 75 years this Journal has witnessed over a score of national elections; has seen presidents come and go; has weathered recessions and depressions as well as enjoyed tides of prosperity. It has seen the…

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