G.E. Groups Emergency Needs

Issue 11 and Volume 105.

G.E. Groups Emergency Needs A central safety station, reportedly first in the company’s history and possibly the first in industry in the U. S., has been installed at General Electric Company’s chemical materials plant in Schenectady. The station groups all major safety devices for each section in one large, convenient and extra-visible place, in contrast with older arrangements in which the safety equipment was scattered and spotted at many different, hard-to-remember locations. As rapidly as possible, six to eight more of these central stations will be established in the plant. Similar stations are planned for GE’s Coshocton, Ohio, plant, and other plants of the company’s Chemical Division will “have their safety gear so arranged as rapidly as safety engineers can determine the most logical places” for centralized safety stations. With their bright backgrounds, painted safety green, and the white-and-red equipment boxes, the stations will be clearly visible from a distance.…

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